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Hi everybody,


I really have no excuse except to say I've been so busy that I just haven't had the chance to pay enough attention to the website until recently.  I hope you like the new style and layout.


I plan to add some drum tracks to the audio and video page.  Right now it has a slideshow of shots from all over the years and some more recent videos with RapidFire.


And yes RapidFire is still crankin' along.  If you'd like to check us out go to the calendar (make sure it's on the month you want).   We'd love to see ya!


Also, I have all that fan email (and mail) you've been sending, and thanks for that.   Some of the questions are great!   And so many up and coming young drummers out there, it's just great to see.   I promise as soon as time allows I will be answering all of you, and posting some of the best letters on my site!  (see below for some I've answered so far).  


And you might want to check out one of my customs kits, like my TYE DYE kit.  See the slideshow  to check those hippie drums out (and the hand painted flame kit, the multi-colored glass kit, the black prismatic kit..... and so on).   And you'll see not just some of the bands you've seen me with in the past (Ice, Toyz, Spoonful-O-Blues and more), but some famous friends and relatives.


Welcome and again I hope the new layout works for you.  :-)


Musically yours,

Ken Flint




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